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Nolan is a brash, contentious astrophysics student who just happens to have been blind since birth. Through a combination of hubris, talent and intelligence he is able to discover what is the pinnacle of his short career – the mysterious space object K-Galt-3, seemingly undetected as it hurdles towards Earth at incredible speeds. It is these same traits that have isolated Nolan his entire life, focusing on the stars above rather than what he considers the meaningless humanity that surrounds him. Late one night in his lab as he tracks the object, he has an intense vision. The experience shakes Nolan to his core as he begins to discover what it truly means to connect to another human being for the first time in his life.
The Harold Greenberg Fund and The Movie Network present a First Generation Films production, a film by Peter Mishara, the sci-fi drama SPRNVA (Supernova). The film stars Gregory Smith (Rookie Blue, Everwood), Chloe Rose (Degrassi, The Lesser Blessed) and Joseph Ziegler (Trojan Horse, Amreeka). SPRNVA is directed and written by Peter Mishara and produced by Alex LaLonde (Regression). Inspired by Jesse Heffring’s feature script “Everything is Supernova” the short film touches on many of its key themes.
SPRNVA’s creative team includes Christina Piovesan (Regression, Life, The Whistleblower) and Bob Munroe (X-Men, Cube, Blade II) serving as Executive Producers, director of photography Steve Cosens (The Tracey Fragments, Citizen Gangster), production designer Peter Cosco (Sensitive Skin), editor David Ostry (Lexx, Weirdsville) and features music by Jim Guthrie (Indie Game: The Movie, Sword & Sworcery).


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Original teaser trailer cut from various sources for our IndieGoGo campaign:

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